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Emma kisses fondly back and nuzzled against his neck. In between Donald’s caresses, he pulls the to-go box next to him and feeds Emma bits of the d...nner she missed. Emma nibbles on each bite greedily. By the time she has finished her leftovers, her stomach filled, and Donald’s sweet caresses, she has calmed herself, and none of her buttons hurt all that much anymore.Donald unclasps her necklace again, and a thirteen pearl is added to her collection. Yes, between the nipple and clit clips and. “This private game is great. I just love having two cocks.”She licks the cum from Chuck’s slit and resumes sucking. Mike leans on one elbow to better caress and kiss his wife’s body. He kisses the back of her neck while she continues her sucking. He has a close-up view of Chuck’s cock entering her mouth. He caresses her around her hip to her pussy. Lynn raises one leg to give him access. Mike is amazed that her pussy is even wetter than before.Lynn changes position spreading her legs. She is. But it did. By the time Drake was 19 and headed off to college he had a substantial savings account. Through word of mouth of his increasing number of customers, Drake continued fucking boys all through college. Some of them were close enough to his own age that eventually they all went to the same school, and had orgies in Drake's apartment that would have made Caligula proud.Drake & Jordan - TodayThe web cam hidden in Drake's bedroom was in the light fixture right over the bed, and Andy sat. Denise was now licking his moms ass as Rocky was now as a stiff as board. He now had both old hags in the doggystyle position as he started by fucking Denise in the pussy & then switched over to mom/Sheila, back and forth he went Rocky was like a jackhammer. He was about to explode so he had both bitches get on their knees as he unlaoded a massive load of cum on their faces. Sheila & Denise shared their masters lovejuice & cleaned their faces. Before they 69d for Rockys enjoyment.Chapter 3.

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