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She collapsed in a wet heap on her back. I allowed her just a moment to catch her breath before I slipped between her legs on my knees. Even though my...cock is thick. I had no trouble slipping right into her and sinking to the bottom of her pussy. With her legs spread open, wide and raised, I began to thrust in and out of her pussy. She was now on an almost nonstop orgasm ride. She started cumming within a couple of minutes of my entry. And as soon as one orgasm subsided, another seemed to. Look... amazing” I managed to finally say. She blushed a little at my comment. Wow she looked ever more beautiful with the tinge of red on her cheeks. She walked over to me and we hugged. She smelled so nice that I was almost put in a trance. “Where are we off to tonight?” She asked with a sweet voice. “You’ll see” I said with a smile and I took her hand and led her out to my car. “Bye you two have fun” Angela called after us.Lucy had her hand on my thigh and she was stroking it lightly. We. Par rajaji jaise aap chod rahe ho mujhe kisi ne nahin choda hai.”maine prema ki dono choocheeyaan pakad li aur usko apnee aur kheencha aur hothon se hoth jakad liya aur choosne laga woh bhi mera sath derahi thi uske hanth meri peeth ko sehla rahe they aur tabhi usne mera lund pakad liya aur agey peechey kar sehlane lagi aur toorant mera lund akad kar khada ho gaya aur phupfkarne laga.Prema ko maine choda aur usko utha akr khada kiya aur uski bur par lauda lagaya hi tha aki prema ne mujhe rokte. His smile grew wide as he heared her words,almost chuckling to her whisper but instead of saying anything he just cought her lips and kissed her,giving her a deep passionate and lustful kiss,showing her how needy he was. She parted her lips the moment she felt his lips against her's,letting his tounge slipp inside her mouth and explore every sweet spot,making her moan into the kiss.It wasn't long before thier hands started to roam around each other's body,his hands slowly touching her.

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