Latina Wife Gives Hot BJ To Her Black Husband porn video

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Street food smells waft deliciously through the cool night air. My wife, almost skipping, pulls me along like an excited girl released from her paren...s' bonds.A dark side street woos us with party sounds and more crowds of stylish young people. The perfume of a passing goddess adds energy to my steps. A velvet rope holds back a crowd of anxious patrons, but not my wife. She is not familiar with waiting to enter a club, and tonight is no exception. I notice a few irritated expressions, but. It was a Saturday afternoon and my son had gone out with my parents and my wife and I had the house to ourselves. My wife was 5’3 130 lbs with long brown hair and fair skin. she was a beauty and that day was warm. she decided to take a shower and she left the bathroom door open while I decided to take a peek. she was washing her hair and I could see her trimmed pussy and ass as the water ran down her legs. her nice big breast had also turned me on. after she showered she came into the room. Then they grabbed their gear and headed back to their room. Grab ass turned into a full-blown make-out and sex session, first in the shower, where they washed the sand off and Steve took Brenda from behind, and then out on the bed, in a more comfortable horizontal position. Afterwards, they dozed until dinner time.They woke when the room phone buzzed a bit before six. Steve grabbed it and said, “Hello?”“Hi, Steve. It’s Babs. Brenda there?”“Hold on.” He held the phone out towards Brenda. “It’s. Rick handed her a mug full to the brim of hot and fragrant ambrosia and she briefly kissed his lips in thanks. While she was so conveniently close to him, Rick took the opportunity to reach down and attempt a grab at a handful of her shapely behind, but she deftly managed to dodge away. Michelle sat her full coffee mug down on a convenient table and backed away as she made a protective cross in front of her with her two crossed index fingers. Michelle laughed delightfully and joked, "Back!.

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