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At least now I knew a bit more about who was watching me. I put everything back and went up into the perch to look around more closely, as I was at all the equipment it suddenly went on, and started taping. I looked through the viewfinder and saw the gardener in my backyard. The camera must have a motion sensor in it that turned on when it sensed movement. But who set this all up, the k** next door didn’t have the brains to do this, or did he??? I left and headed home to think of a. On top of that she wore a flowered silk kimono. Kandy led me to the back room that was lit only by candle-light and had soft music playing. She knew how to set the mood. After taking care of business, she told me, “I’ll be right back. Get completely naked and lie face down on the bed, near the edge.” I complied and in a couple minutes Kandy returned with her oils and a small bag. She began like a regular massage, rubbing my shoulders and working down my back. She lingered as she worked on my. Her big 36D boobs used to swing whenever she was walking or bending to take something. sometimes she used to wear low neck nighty which used to show her nipples also when she bend. I was ok for amal as they both were staying alone in that house.They were looking for a servant to do all odd jobs and one of their relatives sent Jagan a 50 year old man to them. Jagan was old but from his physique he still looks a 30 year old guy. He was very active and used to do all the odd jobs in the house and. Suraj: Rimi mam, this is not fair. Why do you always do this to me?.Rimi: Slave, come, massage my legs they are paining.And everyone started to laugh. It was a light-hearted mood and the session would begin. And the students were interested in Sritoma! She was a tall sexy girl (5’9″ height, 34-32-35), with hot curves and dusky skin complexion.Along with her short hair she looked like a super Bengali bomb about to explode in anybody’s face or dick! For the first time everyone was naked in the.

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