The Squirter Two - Scene Five porn video

I was sure they'd be gone for hours, so I'd brought Barney home because I was horny. We raced into my room and I shut and locked the door. I ripped my...clothes off as fast as I could, laid down on the bed with my legs spread wide and dangling over the edge. Barney didn't need any urging. He was right there with his nose buried between my legs before I'd even gotten all the way down on my back. I reached down and spread my pussy lips wide open with my fingers so he could have better access. His. The bastard made me cum right on her mouth and soon I had his rod stiff again.I looked over to my hubby. He was jerking off himself as he was watching my black bull making me moan as he licked me.All of a sudden, Jamal made me turn over my back and I spread my long legs for him. Then I began to cry tears of joy, as I finally felt that huge piece of black meat invading my wet cunt.Jamal pushed hard to the bottom and then he stood quiet, feeling my stretched cunt was trying to adapt to his size.. She held me tight moving her hands around my back and was enjoying the world of loving a women. I slowly moved close towards her earlobes and started kissing and sucking and finally licked them to make my babe more horny and I spend a lot of time here, She lost the control of her senses and feeling the fun in action.I turned her around and now its her neck and started kissing and biting her neck and making her more horny, I removed her single piece from shoulders with my hands and she was only. “What’s this?”“My Ben Wa balls sweetie. Pull the cord slowly.” She began pulling and the first stainless steel ball popped out of my pussy.“Oh god – it’s big.” She continued to pull the cord and my second ball came out and she held them up. “What do these do for you?”“They keep me aware of my pussy and as I sit I can contract my cervix and sometimes they will be positioned just right applying pressure on the inside of my clit and I cum. Nothing intense – but it’s nice to have a little pleasure.

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