If it's not too late for you?"My jaw dropped, "I...I'd love to, I'll be waiting around." My head was spinning again as I went back to my table that I ...omehow claimed these past two night. I didn't know if that was a date or just trying to get to be friends or what, but I was truly excited to wait another few hours to get her alone with me. As I was waiting my mind wondered, in all the many years I have been through I really was never attracted to the other woman around me. Sometime you would. ” Michael then kissed Mark. Mark gave Michael a huge hug and went flying back into the living room to show the other boys.It was now time to go and see Alex. Michael knew from reports that Alex’s fever had broken and that the boy was eating. Aaron wanted to join him and once Conner found out about it, so did he. Michael decided all the boys of his group would visit with Alex and they headed out to the infirmary and the ward.Alex had finished his breakfast as the boys came into the ward with. Sometimes we did our walk/run with butt plugs inserted in both of us and also with Louise having a dildo up her vagina. There were times that she had to stop for a minute during our walk/run because she was having an intense orgasm. She would bend at the waist like someone that had to stop to catch their breath and her breathing was heavy. She could not make the same noises out in public like she did at home when having an orgasm. To people watching she was just like someone who got winded from. "Mister and Mrs. Hill I am Doctor Gray will you please come with me please." John and Kathy followed Doctor gray down a very long hallway until they reached his office the he motioned for them to sit down.Then he spoke again "Kathy your test results have come back from the lab and I am afraid that it is bad news I'm afraid that you have leukemia I'm sorry". Kathy broke down and sobbed loudly John comforted his wife as best as he could. After she had sobbed for several minutes she looked at.

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