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She seemed a little nervous around him though, and mostly, as far as he could tell, remained sitting demurely behind her desk in the adjoining office,...probably reading through paperwork and learning her way around the files on the computer. But before long he knew he would be able to put her at ease, and really get her to open up to him.He knew from the first time she sat across from his desk that there was something special about this girl. A little shy, always fiddling with the hem of her. I closed my eyes and prayed they would leave or Louis would come back. A few more minutes went by and I heard someone come into the room. The voice told me they were told to cum in and let the party begin. I asked one of the men to untie me so I could get dressed and be the gracious hostess. Another man who I thought sounded like Nickolas said, "My dear, we were instructed to leave you how we found you." It sounded to me like there were at least four men in the room. I wondered if I knew them. Without his love he would never have been so patient and gentle.She lifted her head and touched her lips to his. "I love you," she whispered and kissed him softly again. She laid her head back where it had been.'You're strong', she thought, 'or you'd have pushed me off by now.'Almost as though he had heard her Robin stirred. His arms came up round her but he remained on his back.Lottë stayed motionless.There were several minutes like that and then Robin's hands began to move caressing her.He. My tongue was approaching her core, her lips swollen and wet and ready. But I slid off to the side, leaving a trail of soft licks just to the side of the black hair that curled atop her mound. Instead, I traveled the soft valley that lay between that mound and the elegantly muscled leg to its right. The other leg flexed in pleasure, and Tracy wrapped her fingers now in my hair."Oh, God, Andrew," she moaned as I made my way up her body, teasing her full left breast with my tongue before taking.

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