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She had chosen a relatively modest gown for tonight’s opening. It was a black, sleeveless, floor-length number with a neckline that wasn’t as as she normally would wear. Nevertheless, it was obvious from the way her firm breasts moved underneath it that she was braless. Coming closer to Jack, she twirled round once, and he realized why she wore no bra. The dress was backless, it’s downward sweeping line reaching nearly to her round butt. ‘Maybe… Just maybe…’ Jack thought, ‘This evening. The head of his cock stabbed deep. "Unnn, Missy!" "Fuck me, Daddy!" she wailed, her cunt gliding wetly along his cum-swelled hard-on. Her hips came ramming up, her pussy gobbling on his buried cockshaft. Her ass crashed back to the bed as her father pounded her into the mattress. She moaned, matching his quick stabbing thrusts with her own jerky moves. Douglas fucked into her juicy pussy with fast-paced lunges. "Baby." His broad chest heaved as his breathing grew more intense. Hard jabs drove. Erin asked if he needed anything as she leaned forward showing off her chest. John couldn’t say anything and just stared, and instinct kicked in and his hand reached out to her chest feeling it in his hand. He used his other hand to tear open her shirt and saw her wonderful white bra, straining against her tits. Erin just leaned back and let John do what he wanted. The only way she helped was by undoing her bra and letting her tits fall out. John leaned in and took a nipple in his mouth and. "Well, this went on for a while, several months during the summer, then after school started, she would invite me over for tea. My mother worked, so I was basically home alone, my brother was home sometimes, mostly not. "Anyway, that fall, Mrs. Phillips now was having me call her Marsha when we were in her house. I still remember the day she introduced me to French-kissing. She asked me if I'd ever heard of it; I said I had but I didn't really know much about it. 'Well,' she said, 'you must.

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