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Mai and I were on top of each other, relaxing from the hard fucking we got together, she looked me in the eyes, kissed me on the lips, and said “mom... I am going down between your legs, I want to taste your pussy please, I am dying to eat it, I have not had enough of my mom’s sweet pussy”I looked her in the eyes giggling, I kissed her on the lips too saying “well, since we have turned to being a pair of sluts, the mother and daughter, fucked together, sharing the same cock, why don’t you flip. Her eyes looked from one to the other, she smiled and settled my cock deeper inside. Jon moved closer so that he could play with her left nipple. I reached up and toyed with the other. Jeni's eyes closed, her head went back and her body found the rhythm it wanted. Her hands were on my thighs, my free hand held her buttock to keep her close to me. The three of us were together in this journey and yet each enjoying our own sensations. Jon was stroking his own erection in time with Jeni's. I still have him o my mind. I’m barely home, and have decided to chat with friends online. I've been checking my list to see if he will email, or send me a message. Then it comes. The notice he has sent a message. “Hello” is all it says. I can’t be so nonchalant. Before I can stop myself, I reply, “Hi. Ready to fuck yet?” I don’t expect a reply, figuring he would just laugh it off. He comes back with, “Up for another round?” BLINK!! “Always...You make me hotter than anyone ever has!. Miss J. It’s ok baby. I find you very attractive and I have made this exam last longer than usual.Me – I don’t want you to get into any trouble. Miss J – I won’t tell if you don’t. She gave me a wink and I smiled back. She opened her mouth slightly and her tongue came out to explore my nipples. All the sexual feelings came out in an instant. My pussy was twitching and glistening from her sensual lips, as she caressed my tits with her other hand and gave them a gentle squeeze as she sucked. I.

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