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I think I did okay. You?’ ‘I took most of my tests last week. It’s one of the benefits to being sight-challenged. They have to prepare them in a...vance and have staff on hand who can read the questions to you in case the test is messed up.’ ‘Oh, I didn’t know.’ ‘Of course not. Why would you?’ Roger kicked David’s foot, ‘Hey, it helped me on my Stratification test, too.’ Roger looked over at me to explain. ‘David and I are in the same class so I pretty much knew every question on the test before. Are you ok?’ ‘I’m ok Eddy, some the girls will be there until Blare and Trudy come home from work. And there’s always wash to do. I won’t set there and mope.’ She took my truck, I could take the pickup when Sandy came back. Susan came in the office and looked surprised to see me siting there by my self. ‘Hiya Eddy, I’m sorry I haven’t been around much, Sandy doesn’t need my help anymore. How’s Laura?’ ‘Not well, she still cries at night. Sex seems to make it worse, so I just hold her.’ ‘I’m so. Working my way down your body I find my excitement becoming overpowering, I think the idea of finally committing to you is spurring me on to new heights and the thought of cumming inside you and fertilising your womb is pulsating around inside my brain. And other places!!Lifting your legs, I gaze down at your swollen sex , your smell intoxicating. Bending forward I begin to kiss your pussy, extending my tongue to reach beneath you, my nose penerating your pussy as I probe your tight arse. ” She said with a smile as she slapped my butt and walked away.It was about 10:30 when I finally got off work. I ran home, and saw Kelly and mom watching TV. I lifted Kelly’s legs and sat down she put her legs over mine. I started to give her a foot massage.“Shouldn’t I be doing that for you?” she said “Your feet must be killing you.” She added“They are a little tired but nothing a good night’s sleep won’t fix.” I said “So I have off tomorrow I think we should go out shopping for Homecoming.

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Village bhabi

Village bhabi

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