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Her large breasts heaved as she struggled to breathe. Sweat trickled down her cleavage towards her bellyboutton. Clawing and kcicking was all she coul... do. She was completely naked and helpless.Her vision started to go, and she started seeing spots. But still she fought desperate for this to not be the end. 'Not here, please not like this,' Rey thought as she kept on fighting, 'I wont die naked in some beasts...' Suddenly her left arm was yanked back as the Rathtar angrily grabbed her with. There is cum in my hair, on my face, on my breasts, and, well, everywhere else. I start to get up.“I need to shower.”“No.”“Okay.”I stand there drenched in cum looking for my clothes. Someone hands me a long t-shirt. My clothes are now souvenirs. The Tinder guy takes me home. Almost. He pulls to the curb three blocks from my condo.“Walk the rest of the way.”“Okay.”So I walk. My knees are red and bleeding a little. The shirt almost covers my ass. My hair is a mess with sweat and cum. My. Debbie covered herself a little embarrassed that she was naked. I told her rather than covering up she should help the boys off with their cloths. “I will help Timmy out if his, why don’t you see what is in Sam’s pants.” I led Debbie over to Sam and put her hand on his pants. She rubbed his crotch and said, “Oh shit.” Debbie fumbled with her pants but got the belt undone and unsnapped his pants. They fell to floor with his dick sticking out of his boxers. Sam pushed them to floor and stepped. With that Michael said, "Wow, I feel a bit queasy too."As Michael got up he felt smaller without knowing it he had shrunk 10cms as he looked at Grace he noticed that there were looking at each other eye to eye, then slowly Grace grew as Michael shrunk."Oh my God, it works!" said Grace as she noticed that her clothes on her chest were now loose."Oh my God!" Michael said as he looked down and noticed his chest had two little bumps that were getting bigger.Now both Grace and Michael noticed that.

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