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Cum in my mouth. Please don’t fuck me!”“Shut the fuck up, bitch! You better take it, or the pictures...”I did not say a word again. Then I fel... his cock trying to get inside of me. But my legs were tied up, so he untied my legs. He was holding my legs up by my ankles, and he was trying to push his cock in me. But my hole was not big enough for him and hurt like hell when he tried to force his cock in me!“Wow! All that cum, and still not wet enough for my cock to get in!”I heard him spit, and. My fantasy guy. I ordered another beer and sat in silence at the bar, but fully aware of where he was at all times. I could look in the mirror behind the bar and check him out discreetly. The next thing I know, he comes to the bar and orders a round of drinks for him and his friends. He saw me and smiled that smile, then he came over to me and started telling me that he had seen me in the cafeteria looking at him a few times. I must have turned bright red at that point, because he smiled and. Two stiffened fingers drove up into her oily depths and she shrieked her release into his mouth as her body exploded into orgasm.Sir supported her shuddering body until she was able to stand on her own and then kissed her again, gently. They spent the next few minutes washing each other, with the inevitable result that some places on each of their bodies got exceptionally clean. Both Sir and Slave were coming to a slow boil by the time he turned off the shower, wrapped her in a huge, fluffy. One cock that came through that hole several times surprised me when I first saw it. My first thought when I saw it was 'corkscrew'. It had several curves that made it a challenge to work in my mouth, but I loved to patiently work on that beautiful black cock. The warm cum that shot into my willing mouth proved that this man on the other side appreciated what I was doing. The curves made it impossible to get much more than the head in my mouth, but working the shaft with my lips and my tongue.

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