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I saw your breast heave and your tongue lick your lips. Another snap and the black leather parted a knot at the hip so that your leg was fully your hip. Pussy hairs peaked from beneath the skin. Twice more the whip snaked through the air and the knots were opened and the skin slipped to the floor leaving you naked except for the black stockings against your pale skin. I stepped again into the light, I did not speak but dropped the whip and came to you. I pressed my lips against yours. He was moaning like crazy and so was I. We loved it. "God I love you John!" "Right back at you Alex!" After a couple minutes I started spasms. "Oh shit Alex! I'M CUMMING!" I screamed. "Do it in my ass!" he replied. I doubled my thrusting speed and released my seed inside him. "oh god..that felt good!" I said while catching my breath. He grinned and we kissed for 5 minutes before cleaning up and heading downstairs. "Did I hear what I think I heard Alex? Were you letting John fuck you?" Sara. (Darkside) Liz, try asking for a fanny pouch too.(*Wendy-J) LOL(PJ) There have been several discussions about the nature of our writing. The words "censorship" and "pornography" often surface. What are your thoughts on this?(Paul1954) I don't really like censorship, although some of the things I read turn my stomach, I choose to ignore those!(PJ) (A follow up?)(Lorna) You seem, at least lately, to use SWI style stories. Do you like matching pictures to your work? Oh! Do PJ first!- Paul1954 just. She began humping her hips towards his teasing hand, hoping to get him further inside her."Oh God Master! Bella moaned as he played over her pussy and clit. Her pussy was dripping now and the wet squishing noises his fingers were making in her pussy only added to her arousal. Bella propped her right foot up on the dashboard to open her legs wider for him.She was humping his hand feverishly now, trying to reach her orgasm before he changed his mind. Mark shoved two fingers deep into the young.

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Aunty fucked hard

Aunty fucked hard

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