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.. you and Danny want to sign this?" He spoke tossing the pad down to Martin.Martin grinned and touched the pad with his thumb before handing it to Da... who did the same with a smile. He handed it back to Martin who then tossed it back to Frank.Frank looked at Richard. "The log is duly noted Senator." He spoke before flipping the datapad onto a pile of others behind him. "I'll make sure it gets sent out with the rest of our four hundred and seventy-eight year old logs, just as soon as we find. I know I’ll be safe with you, I know I’ll always be well cared for and I know as long as I keep myself looking nice, you’ll take me to the fanciest places and show me off. That makes me feel special in front of a man for the first time in my life. It makes me want to fuck you already too, Josey.”“You just come right up here and let me get my mouth on your pussy, Naomi. We’ll get around to inserting the diaphragm, then we’ll see if you really do want to be my woman. Who knows? You may not even. As she pulled back, a string of pre-cum stuck to her lips until her tongue passed over her soft lips, allowing her to taste him for the first time. She leaned forward once more, parting her sweet lips allowing his swollen purple cock head to glide into her mouth. Her tongue swirled softly and slowly around his cock head as she took just a bit more of his hard cock into her mouth. Her pussy was now soaking wet as her body was extremely aroused and excited. The fear of possibly getting caught. Fuck! Girls should not be masturbating while watching one of their own being humiliated and degraded.My fingers were shaking so much it was almost impossible to undo my belt; almost impossible to undo the button on my jeans… especially given that I couldn’t drag my eyes away from the screen for even a second.Pissing; that thing which should be done privately and shamefully in cubicles, locked away from prying eyes. And he was doing it in front of a camera.I swallowed drily, realising I had.

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