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We are physically connected and in special moments.. mentally connected as well. Especially if the two of us are really into each other. I am fortunat... to be in an open relationship and get the opportunity to connect with multiple people. I still am amazed that being of average looks, average body, and small thick cock that a woman like Katie would even be into a guy like me.... moreover, I being inside a woman like her.We met just five months ago, when I was taking a walk around the. After about 10 minutes she walked in my room and said ‘hey sorry but that bed is just not going to do it. You have a big bed, do you mind if we share?’ ‘Uh yeah sure no problem’ I said with a sudden burst of excitement. I can feel my heart racing and a small bit of adrenaline flow through me. She slowly walked toward my bed and crawled up on the mattress. As she lifted the covers she laid down in front of me and scooted close to me in such a position that I was spooning her. She slowly inched. When I signed that nondisclosure agreement all those years ago, I knew I was making a lifelong promise to keep my mouth shut and I keep my promises. I'm just... suggesting... that maybe Amy would like to know that her mom isn't six feet under like you've been saying her entire life? Especially now that the only mom she's ever had has left her, that's all." You know what, Doc?" George spat. "Keep your fucking opinions to yourself."With that, George stormed out of the office and nearly forgot to. Now I pulled out and turned her around to doggy, but she laid flat on her tummy and this made her pussy so tight and grippy, and she loved this because it is very relaxing and allows for deep penetration also. We fucked like this for quite sometime with good rhythm and she was moaning with such sexy noises that I could not control anymore and now I pulled out, turned her around, too off the condom and came all over her lovely tits. Now I just rubbed the cum everywhere on her tits with my dick.

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