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I want all the cum you can give me. Ihave been waiting my whole life for this."Roger did as I asked and started to really slam into my ass as fast powerfully as he could. Suddenly, I felt him tense up and I realizedthat he was cumming inside of me, giving me his sperm. That seemed totrigger my own orgasm, but it was an orgasm different than I ever hadbefore. It seemed to start in my toes and go all the way through mybody, up to my head. I heard someone screaming. Then I realized. I rubbed plenty on her pussy and the electric dildo, then pushing as hard as I could, with Amy screaming all the way, I inserted it in her and turned it."Ah, yes, yes, yes!" she cried, convulsing, about to orgasm. I quickly took it out and she went limp with disappointment. I rolled her on to her front, squeezed some lube on her asshole and started again in her butt. This time she was a tight fit at about 4, but I kept going until she screamed at 7cm. Before she came I took it out."Why won't. "Nope, met most others - had relations with several, mostly pleasant, but Sirusian's - no." Lewis replied."Then you are in for a treat, several are coming to the celebration tonight! Anyway, we discussed the formalities, and agreed the joint meeting would begin at 2037.30 Sidereal. Then they asked me something a little odd, Jult'a, the delegations leader asked me who would be 'performing'; an unusual phrase. I took it to mean oratory, this was my first mistake; I confirmed to Jult'a that I. I'm not actually some slut. I guess that sometimes I wish I was a slut to be honest."Okay, let's see what you can do then," he said as he held his hand out.I fumbled in my bag and came out with a little bottle of gold fluid and unscrewed the cap. I put some on my fingers and spread it around his finger and knuckle."Is that what I think it is?" Probably. If you were thinking lube for anal sex it is. How do you know what it is anyway?" I sorta looked up at him sheepishly and he didn't seem to.

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