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I look up at Chris who is hard already; I lick my lips before lowering my head down to flick my tongue at the head of his cock. He lets out a very sof... whimper that sends a chill through me. Nothing makes me hotter than hearing a man moan and whimper as I please him and I haven’t even started yet. I suck him softly into my mouth as my tongue coats his cock with saliva moving down all the way to the hilt. Every last inch of his cock is in my mouth and I give him one long solid hard suck pulling. Dress for this evening will be white cotton underwear, summer dress of your choice, preferably with thin straps and a low cut front. Slip on comfortable dancing shoes. Your escort will be dressed in black leather shoes, black socks and slacks with black belt. A summer shirt of white and burgundy will be worn, short sleeved, open at the neck. No jewelry. Lightly scented with Azzarro. Dinner is at eight. We walk at a leisurely pace to our dinning establishment. Dinner starts with a delicious. "I struggled to my feet, slightly disoriented by the hood. Pins and needles shot though my legs as the blood flow was re-established. I had been on my knees a long time. I had not groveled that much lately and wasn't used to the position. I took off my clothes and dropped them on the floor. I stood before her naked when I finished. I didn't know what to do with my hands and they kind of flopped around, very much like the limpness I was experiencing in another part of my body."What am I supposed. We both were so satisfied and cleaned each other. It was almost nearing her station. So we dressed up. I sucked her boobs and licked her armpits while she was wearing her petticoat.I kneeled again and lifted her petticoat. Removed her panty and started licking her pussy till she wore her bra and blouse. I was well enough to make her cum in that short time again. Before wearing her saree I asked for a blowjob. Without hesitation, she gave me a quick one and sucked my balls and made me cum.I.

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