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“Lovely. Then I am going to cut your hair. Do not worry, this won’t be permanent. In time you will grow long lovely hair again. But to make our es...ape, you’re going to need to become a new person,” he grinned.She hadn’t expected it to hurt so badly. It wasn’t physical, obviously. But as he cut off her long lovely curls, she watched herself transform. Her hair was darker underneath where sunlight had not shone. One by one her curls lopped off and tumbled to the floor. She couldn’t stop the tears. Woh sharma gye aur face niche kr liya maine uske face upper kiya aur kiss krdi use ach alga aur mere kiss ka jwab kiss se deke apne cabin main chali gye. Raat main hum daily normal bate krte the per esbaar uska mn normal baat krne ka nit ha .Barkha- mere se pucha kiss kaise lagiMe-maine kha bilkul hot tere jaiseBarkha- kya kr rha h maine kha leta huMe- tu kya kr rhi h barkha late huFir sunday chute thi hamari hum ghumne gye sath main movie dekhi park main baithe .Movie dekhte waqt maine use. It moved in behind Leia. Two arms head her head steady while two others began gluing the contacts at the ends of the wire harness to her scalp. In less than a minute it had finished.When the preparations were complete Leia, still naked, was led out of the compartment and down the passageway. There was no need to bind her wrists. A storm trooper preceded her and another followed her, with Colonel B’dess, who had rejoined them, leading. They turned through a doorway. It took them into a small,. Strangely, her persistence made me submit to her insistence and I allowed her to rape my mouth with her pretty, pink tongue to her heart’s delight. I never had been one that was much for kissing until I met and surrendered to her fantastic tongue with skills that amazed me for one so young and innocent.Eventually, we shed every, last little stitch of clothing and humped naked in the moonlight with our white skin reflected in the glow of the moon through the window shining on our sinful pleasure.

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