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Well, work was a misnomer. I got to work,sat down, and for the next 8 hours became the receptionist for the headoffice folks. Okay, I got lots of lo...ks from the guys, and several darkstares from the women, and got to flirt a little bit, at least after thefirst three days and the butterflies went away. But, for a guy with aMaster's Degree, working as the phone answering bimbo wasn't exactly amove up. That, and the total realization that my pay was now less thanhalf what it was last month. I. Put your love into me."I trembled and shook, jerking my hips as I tried to make the pleasure continue but slowly the tension dissipated. She shifted under me, my limp cock slipped from her and she offered a nipple to my mouth. She stroked my hair and I suckled on her thick teat as my breathing calmed. After long minutes lying together she got up and knelt over my face. Her arching thighs met at her pussy, wet and swollen, pouting lips splayed.“Open wide," she instructed, “now you must drink. Proceedings kicked off with us all meeting in the beer garden of my local pub (let’s say at Bondi) ... as some of the guys are not out, the pub of choice is a straight pub to avoid any anxiety such a meet might bring on. So 2pm rolled around and the guys turned up one by one at the designated meeting spot in the pub. Some had been to previous meets so were more comfortable than the newbies attending for the first time. Thankfully the sun was out and it was warm enough to enjoy a beer with each. I thought they used the conservatory as a spare room when Gita’s parents visited and from the doorway I could see I was correct as there was a bed set up in there plus a small table and a few other small items of furniture. It was an iron-framed bed and Gita was tied naked, blindfolded and spread eagled to it. I froze and at first thought I was interrupting a crime scene or something. I looked around incase they were and burglars or something. “Elaf???” called out Gita. “I thought you said you.

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