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Let me remind you that this is a federal Program and we’re required to have it at the school, and participation is mandatory for graduation. The fir...t item we’ll cover now is the official introductory Program video. Let’s start the video now, please.”The lights went down and a movie flashed onto the screen; the title screen said “Office of Social Awareness” and below that, “Introduction to the Naked in School Program.” A great sigh sounded throughout the auditorium. The video began with a brief. "Hey Madison can you believe this?"My s*ster Madison asked me what was I talking about until I responded "What the fuck have you been in a box today, some ass-hole is leaking hundreds of celebrity private photos and images and according to reports we are included!!"Now having my s*ster's full attention she replied, "What the fuck are we supposed to do now?"Not wanting to freak her out I told her I would come over and we could figure out how to deal with this together. Arriving not thirty. After we closed our bedroom door, Pam said, "Her personality seems so normal. I'm not sure what I expected but it certainly wasn't normal. She's an entrepreneur and owns three companies. That's not normal. She's only 27. But she's also a top model and has shown her assets to the world many times. I guess I never thought a person would be capable of doing both, especially at her age. But she is so well grounded, not the least bit arrogant, at least not with us. That's impressive."I had to agree.. Kinda slow, hardly anyone cruising the arcade so off to the theater I go. One guy there beating off seemed glued to the screen but had fun watching him stoke it slowly after about 5 minutes I saw some nice squirting as he moaned in pleasure at the chick on the screen taking a facial. He zipped up and left and I realized I was hard from watching the manhandling he was doing so I took out my 7" and slowly caressed my meat.After a couple minutes a young guy came in, looked at my stroking and sat a.

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