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"Didn't you hear me coming down the stairs?" No. If I had heard you you wouldn't have scared me. Your face was right there when I opened my eyes. I have crapped myself." Sorry, next time I'll throw something at you from across the room."His sister was standing directly in front of him, her legs touching his knees. She was wearing the same type of gray sweatpants he had on, except hers were tight. "Or you could send a message into my mind and tell me you're there."“What makes you think I. The topic had been skirted around as they drank their first coffees chatting about all sorts of things, but now the conversation turned to the split-up. ‘Yes I’m fine, thank you. Life goes on. Of course I do miss certain aspects of life with Jack. You know, the, er, the physical side was very good. Jack was very good at, you know..’ ‘The sex,’ offered Sue. ‘Well, yes, not just in bed, but we sort of played around. We, well you know.’ ‘No, come on Jennifer, you’ve got me intrigued now. Come on,. It actually makes me very wet to even think about it.”It was as if the floodgates to the dam had been opened. All the pent-up emotion and desire for her slammed into me in that moment. She was right. I didn’t want to “be with her”. I didn’t want to “know her in the biblical sense”. I didn’t want to “make love”. I wanted to fuck her. No, that didn’t quite describe what I was feeling. I wanted to “FUCK!!” her!CHAPTER 3I stepped up to her, pulling her into my arms. I began to shower her face with. "Yes baby, but will have to wait till tonight. Meanwhile, why are you here at this time of the day?" "I wanted to give you my present," she giggled. "What?" you said with flames in your eyes. She took your hand and slip your finger in her neckline, letting you feel the lace of her bra. Enjoying the feel of your finger. Your fingers seemed to come to life and slipped in deeper on their own will. She pulled your face and you kissed. Hot and wet in each others' mouth. Your other hand found its way.

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Hot nip slip

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