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There’s a chance that some might still be hanging out,” Nicole acknowledged and agreed with Charles on that point.“It would be great to find mor... people for sure. We could also switch to using the busses, if everyone preferred. More spacious, plenty of accommodations, less likely to need as many rest stops, at least if we use sleeper busses. Just an idea,” Joey proposed.“Great plan, actually. We can have more privacy and everything. That would be especially important for moments when we don’t. Aunt Jess took care of Grandma and Grandpa her whole life, and my friend Lucy's gonna to that for her folks. Jenny and the boys is married and got plenty of k**s, I don't need my own. Ya already got eight, nine, ten grandk**s an' ya don't need me to give ya more. I love you, Daddy, I'd do anythin' for you. No guy could ever be better than you, Daddy."It took a few moments before I could collect myself to answer. Mandy was the k** I always had a hard time reading, and her testimonial of. “You saw us? When.”“Two weeks ago. During PE. You were behind the portables. You had Melody pinned against the wall, kissing her so hard. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. She’s your cousin, and it was so hot.”“I’m his half-sister,” Melody said. “Now how does that make you feel about us kissing?”“Oh, wow,” groaned Pam. She trembled.“And you’re just a submissive, wet slut,” I groaned. “Your panties must be soaked right now.”She nodded her head.“Good. I want them soaked all day. No touching. Here, Ellie - take a look at this. It's just like a miniature cock - do you want to suck it?”Dream SequenceNeither Emma or Ellie can agree whether this Assisted Insemination session really happened - you decide.Emma rolled over on top of Lola straddling the tiny clit, while Ellie lowered her eager cunt onto Lola's face.Emma kissed the back of her friend's neck, holding a succulent heavy breast in each hand.Ellie heard, or perhaps just felt, Lola's voice echoing up from between her legs: “you're.

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