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“Yeah. You have nice tits.” Mark blushed. “Now that wasn’t too hard, was it? But before we go on, how do you think I like hearing you tell me ... have nice tits?” “Offended, probably.” “Why?” “It’s sorta crude, isn’t it?” “It would be if you went up to some woman you didn’t know and told her that, then yeah, it would be crude. But we’re gonna fuck, you and I, so how is telling me I have nice tits crude when you’re gonna be drilling my pussy?” Mark was speechless and bright red. “I’m not trying to. " Her hands found his back, gripping tightly."Where would you like me to kiss you?" There. Everywhere." Your lips?" Please." Her voice was shaky.He didn't kiss her lips, instead, his hand trailed down her sides. The tips of his fingers lightly glancing off her skin. He could feel tiny goosebumps erupting under his touch. When he got to her waistband, he knelt, pulling her flannel pants down to her ankles. One foot at a time, he took off her socks, and pulled the pants away. Once done, he placed. . She was carrying something wrapped in dirty cloth which the guards presumed to be a gift but in fact was only a wad of rags. The perpetual smile adorning the Prince’s face vanished faster than a drop of water on red hot iron. She was staring at him with dry eyes, no tears were left to shed. Anu almost got up from his seat but restrained himself. She wordlessly put forth her hand as if begging. With an effort she croaked one word, ‘Fotu…(photograph)’ Sensing something unusual the guards. He pulled out and pulled his pants up and then mumbled “Thanks Donna” and he was gone.I got off the desk and put my knickers on, as I could feel his seed leaking out of me, I was a little annoyed as he hadn’t really done anything to satisfy me, but I did wonder if he had been a virgin that would explain his actions. I was walking down towards the toilets, when Richard came out of his office, “Donna have you got a minute?” “I need the toilet” “No it’s Ok just come here” I walked into his office.

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