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I smiled nervously then turned to walk over to it feeling a slap on my ass as I did. I reached the stump and knelt down in front of it, I felt his han... pushing gently at my back down onto the warm wood heated by the summer sun. He pulled my hot pants and thong down to my knees and gave me another slap on my ass now spread your ass cheeks for me baby he said. I did as he asked and I felt his finger touch the small of my back and slowly run down my back and the crack of my ass, when he reached my. "Oh fuck yes Elaine, oh my god, that fucking tongue. Oh yes." she was shouting now over and over again and I remembered seeing Grandma's long tongue and feeling it when she had kissed me. Elaine shoved her tongue as far as she could into Elaine's pussy and she had a few orgasms as I drove with the rear view mirror focused to the back seat. We drove to long way around the by pass and were going up 441 north of Athens and Grandma said, "You two trade places now." Judy got her shirt on only and. I was weak.I was in love.I was in love or at least the purest form of love/lust I’d ever know. I staggered up, wobbly. Her ass was just below me as I stood. She was still mumbling, “Marry me. Marry me.”I proceeded to stick my tongue into Vic’s ass as deeply as it would go. I turned her over and then stuck my now deflating penis into her mouth and felt her loving tongue and mouth suck it, then I pulled my dick out of her mouth and stuck my tongue as deep into her mouth as I could and pulling. I asked her if we can do props. She agreed. We dance for one song in her saree itself and and then an item song came up. I looked at her. She told me that she wouldn’t wear those kinda dresses in front of me. I put a sad face and she asked me not not to get sad and that she will wear just a blouse and a petticoat kind of dress.Then she removed her saree and came close to me. I put my hands on her hip and started doing the steps done on tv. The guy stated kissing the item girls neck and i went.

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