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I was wondering what that sound was, when i realized it was their bed, because I would masturbate in their bed weekly. suddenly, i heard a faster rhyt...m and moaning. i was laying in bed and my dick started to get hard, so i gently started stroking my dick slowly to the rhythm of the bed shaking. the moaning began louder and louder and i felt myself about to cum. then i let out a huge load, and heard my parents stop, and they began to talk. i wiped up my cum off the bed and began to try to fall. ***i am wearing a pink leotard. my hair is tied back in a pony tail. i am on a mat in the living room practicing my yoga. sue likes to watch me stretch. i lift my arms over my head and lean forward from the waist. i stretch my spine all the way forward to that i can hold the bottoms of my feet with my hands. it burns a little in the backs of my thighs but sue says that is good for me. it will help me to be flexible. i don't know why it is good to be flexible. sue seems to think it is. Please, don’t be afraid to ask anything.”He nodded. Hope was silent. I actually wondered myself what we were talking about. I hadn’t really thought about it, about what we expected, after and if we succeeded.“It’s ... it’s hard not to think it might happen more than once...” Hope finally said, and I nodded slowly.“You might want to clarify that to yourselves, before you go any further,” Uncle Drake said, and we both nodded. He was right, I thought. I caught Hope’s eye, and nodded again at. He repeated this until all of the substance was gone from Kondo's cock, then proceeded to repeat the process on Kondo's balls. Several times Kondo shouted, presumably telling Alex to stop, but Alex continued as he knew he must. Once all of the come had been cleaned, he returned to licking the enormous shaft in front of him. Wrapping both hands around the base, he pulled the head down to stick straight out, opened his mouth, and tried to take it in.The head of Kondo's cock slid into his mouth,.

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