Too Short, But Just Enough To Get Me To Wish I... porn video

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I pulled myself up and slid my cock into position, I pulled her clit open and my cock slid in easily. I started pumping slow and easy let my cock plun...e deep inside her and the pulled up until the head of my cock pulled out. She moaned and whispered softly about how good I felt and it had been a while since she had been with a man. My task was to make my friend fell extra dam good. I stared to thrust a bit hard and deeper to work her up to a big climax, I started to pump faster and faster.. I could tell that she was beginning to get a little light-headed as her movements were becoming a bit slower and more deliberate. The waitress returned and placed a fresh Margarita on the table. I held up five fingers and m didn't hesitate, she picked up her drink and took five, long, deep sips, which put a wicked grin on her face. I told her to go to the ladies' room and take off her bra and panties. Without hesitation, m was gone.I knew I would have enough time to go out to the car before. I plunge my cock in her and she turns her head to kiss me and I was in heaven. We made out for a while as I was plowing her ass then she says "time for your last ride." As I pulled out my dick she tells me to crawl to the end of the bed. She crawls and stand up to face me and she rides me cowgirl position. We went on for what lasted like an eternity we locked eyes like we were lovers until we came together. Then after all the passion we laid on the bed and talk for a while I was about to get. ‘Just us?’ she replied and Mike shook his head? ‘That depends if these two horny teenagers have had enough yet?’ Mike directed his question at me, his eyes lingering over my tits and hard swollen nipples and Olly laughed as if the question was a no-brainer. ‘We’re not swingers or anything crazy but we do have a fantasy that maybe you could help us out with’ Mike reasoned and Olly looked over at me for a response. ‘Sure, why not?’ I replied as I began to put my bikini and shorts back on. ‘But.

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