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Today had been stressful for the eighteen year old, first, she had forgotten to do her hair in the morning, secondly, she got in trouble for not doing...her previous day's homework - the final year is proving to be quite stressful, and thirdly, the most stressful of them all; her and her best friend have started fighting. She knew several ways to rid of stress, but there was one in particular she had in mind, and since she had four hours of privacy, she decided to do it. Standing in the shower,. So she gave him a blowjob until he came in her mouth.She got insane when she felt him coming and wanted to come, too...He grabbed her arm hard and attract her close to him. Her eyes were so covetous, so he hustled her in the living-room at the couch...She were still wearing her boots; he liked that and when she wanted to pull them off, he told her to stop.He made her go to doggy-position and fucked her from behind until she had a hard orgasm. While he was fucking her, he slapped her ass, what. Everyone agreed and next thing I know the big 9+" cock was pushed into my ass. I gasp and moan as Melinda says, "Oh my god, that's a huge cock. See how much Mike loves it". That big cock pounded my ass for 15 minutes before I felt it grow even bigger and start spurting cum into my ass. I couldn't believe how filled I felt and then how empty I felt when it was pulled out. Melinda couldn't believe all the cum pouring out of my ass as everyone did more tequila shots including myself and Melinda.. His new breastsstuck out from his chest like a Jane Russell poster. Jordan was about toswap them for a smaller pair (despite what Angela wanted), but first hedecided to try on the dress.Fortunately, the cut of the dress covered up the size of the Double-Dbreast forms, to the point where Jordan thought that it looked okay. Hewent out to the living room to show Angela."Very nice!" Angela said, as she made Jordan twirl around. "You lookjust like a girl going to a birthday party. Of course, not as.

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