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‘So much for liking her.’ ‘I mean, I hear you did amazing well last night,’ she added. ‘Last night was pretty good,’ I said, remembering t...e lump of cash I took away with me from the hotel across the street. At least now I knew where Lily worked. ‘How did you do it?’ she asked. ‘My father is a big sports fan, especially baseball,’ I said. ‘I’ve been following it since before I could walk.’ ‘So?’ she asked. ‘A lot of people are fans. How did you know who to pick?’ ‘Just lucky I guess,’ I. The airfield was very busy now, as there were T-28s and Thai Army helicopters taking off and landing all of the time. In fact several C-130s landed and discharged troops, while we waited for our helicopter. The CO arrived about 0845 with several truck loads of Thai Rangers. You can imagine my surprise when Suenee's cousin, Lieutenant Paribetra, got out of the first truck."Well, Sergeant Baker, we meet again," he said after we all exchanged salutes. "How is my cousin, your wife?" She's fine,. Go on, take his cock into your mouth.” Elizabeth was hesitant, but having that man’s cock in her mouth did sound really nice. So, she parted her lips and the man shoved his dick inside. At first, she almost choked, but then she immediately felt her mouth relaxing. Honestly, she found herself enjoying the feeling more and more. And before she knew it, she was happily sucking and slurping on this stranger’s dick with more passion than she’d ever felt. Before long, the man groaned. To my surprise, she immediately agreed and she told me to pick her up at 8 pm. I picked her up near her house and we went to a lounge bar. We were sitting facing each other and we spoke about various things like hobbies, likes even sex too. She told me her husband was not so great in bed even during his short stay at home. I was holding her hands and when she said this I pressed her hands slightly and she gave me a faint smile and looked directly into my eyes. We gulped down a few more drinks.

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