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Emerson was a small man in stature. In four inch high heels Gabrielle would be almost tall as the General. He had a posture the commanded respect. A cut that only left a little on top, his shoes spit shined, and a uniform that fit him perfectly as well as his three rows of medals including the Purple Heart and the Silver Star punctuated his gallantry. He walked in with the escort of a Secret Service agent. He stopped in front of the desk and snapped of a smart salute. His crystal clear. Then I realized what he had.Oh, hell no!He was working on Harper's panties. I put my hand out."Drop it!" I ordered.Max stopped chewing and looked at me with those big sad eyes only a dog can have. Then his tail wagged twice, and he started chewing again. My dad was much better at getting dogs to mind. I saw corner of the panties stick out the side of his mouth and I grabbed it. I almost had it snaked out of his mouth when he suddenly let go. The panties went flying towards the plane's exit. One. Mike pulled into the driveway and saw a policeman holding what had to be Dani. The car was barely stopped when he jumped out."Dani! Dani! Please God NO!" Mike yelled as he ran to the cop. "Dani! What happened? Please, Dani wake up. Please baby wake up!" Mike looked to the officer holding Dani, "What happened?" Are you a relative?" Bill asked."Sorry no, I'm Special Agent Mike Heyens. She's a friend. Her father died recently. But she was emancipated before that happened. Now please tell me what. Everyone here can see that. Yeah, she's been trying to keep it under wraps tonight, but from the minute you arrived she was a different girl. She was your girl."Ryan then took a deep breath and extended his hand to me. Automatically, I reached out for it and he shook my hand firmly. "I wish all the happiness in the world to you, Ben."Slightly confused but feeling honored by his frank honesty, I nodded fractionally and pumped his hand.Ryan then turned and glanced back at Dawn, who was looking at.

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