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They seemed to have left their enslavement behind them, and now were headed for what was certain to be a better life.Kimberly was never far from my si...e. I slept between her and Jasmine. She had endured much, and was comforted by being with us. I didn’t have to worry about Kimberly whining about the delay of getting back to Crossroads because Jasmine had taken her aside and explained everything to her. As happy as I was to have two women to sleep with every night, my heart longed to be with. They had just finished building their first XMRs under my instruction, most of them favoring the semi-auto, bayoneted design that Raz had come up with all those months ago. Since the platform had become more widely adopted on their home planet, the new recruits that passed through were a lot more familiar with the weapons than Raz and her pack had been when they had first arrived on the station.Raz was the biggest and the meanest, and she managed to keep them in line, a stern dressing-down or a. He backed off her slowly , the taste of her blood was causing him to hunger and he wanted to wait before he savored it all. He arose from the bed and went to the bottom drawer of her dresser. He knew that was their “private” items. He pulled a set of restraints out and began to cuff her to the bed. Her moans told him that she was going to let him do what he wanted to her. He cuffed her hand together and tied them off to the headboard. Her legs, he spread wide and tied each to one side of the. She's gottenpretty, Hunter said she has really big boobies now." Mary flinched whileGina added, "She's a good kid, she's just taken to hormones quickly.It's in her genetics, but she does take after her mother Katie a littlemuch for her own good at times."Gina walked them out and explained the situation to Anthony, who wassilent but it was due to him not wanting to say something to upset thetrio. Tara was happy and walked out ahead of the couple as they yelledat her to slow down, with Tara not.

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