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" Yes, dear. That is what I see, too. Do you see Henry there?" No." No, and neither do I. If I had seen anything of Henry when youwalked into the hal...way just now, you would have walked down thehall and out the front door, to make your way home looking likeHenry in women's clothing. The inside door to your apartmentabove the garage is locked. No matter the embarrassment to youif anyone had seen you creeping up the stairs to the apartment. I wouldn't have cared because you would not have been. They sat at the table and started to eat silently. The meal consisted of green salad and kidney beans soup. The bread was in a small basket beside. They were jawing and swallowing mechanically. She looked at him.Stop to eat so much soup! Eat more bread! You are eating like a pig!Yes, Mama! – He tried to comply with her will, but in vain. A few seconds later her heavy hand fell over his cheek. I told you to eat more bread! Idiot! Bread! Soup! Bread! Soup! Do it!Yes, Mama! – He answered with. The dress was too short, especially for a family gathering, and I could feel every man’s eyes on her, every pubescent boy’s, even some women whom I had always suspected. My daughter’s a flighty girl with long blonde hair, full B-cup titties and slender tender legs. And as the night wore on she got steadily more and more drunk. It was embarrassing as she slurred her words, staggered, fell and finally passed out in front of the whole family.I picked her up and carried her upstairs. She’s not as. It wrapped around her belly and back, raising a thick, red welt. She didn't scream, just sucked in her breath hard and prayed for more. The next whip stroke wrapped around her left thigh, the next her left calf. Whichever of them was doing it, he had had a lot of practice. He worked up and down the left side of her body inch by inch, the pain caressing every part of her. She heard him panting as he walked around and started working up and down her right side. She was crying out loud, the tears.

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