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“I said that in confidence.”“You told me she was sexy… if you had sex with awoman, it would be Lori,” Jim replied.“...Yes, no, yes… no, I didn’t mean it that way,” Suesaid.“I know you want to be in control… be mistress anddominating.”“Yes, like what just happened.”Jim quickly forced his wife onto her back and lay rightbeside her. He pushed Sue’s arms up over her head andused one hand to pin them there, as he. "You mean you don't hook up with one of the girls at the restaurant every time there's a new batch of them?" No," he said. "For one thing, there hasn't been a new batch in a while. Some of the others have been there longer than I have. For another, well, would you want to sleep with them?"She laughed and nodded her agreement. "You do know they're all crazy about you, don't you?" Are they?" Oh, come on!" Well, I've seen a clue here and there. The way they take every opportunity to twirl around. She did not know what to say or do. My body was pressing against her hot body. My cock was poking at her back. I kissed her shoulder and placed my trembling hand on her breats.” But…..” She tried to speak. I silenced her by placing my lips on her trembling lips and we were locked ina deep sexual kiss. She kissed me back. Indira was mine! She was kissing me, her own son, like a wife! I unhooked her bra. She did not protest. Ipulled her panty down amking my bithplace naked. Her puffy cunt was so. I've vowed to be more honest with him, but here I am, saying I'll keep some information from him. But then again, it's for his own good, to help bring Glory into our harem. But I don't want to lie to Glory either. Maybe I'll give him a very big hint or two tomorrow, so he'll be more or less ready for what she tells him, while also leaving an element of fun surprise. Yes, I think that's best.With that decided, she added, "But that's not the only news." There's MORE?!" Glory had been resting.

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