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Carol suppressed a giggle, "Unless you want your little scheme to backfire and put you both in jail for life, you'll get 5 million dollars together." ...ed was obviously shaken, "Look can't we talk about this, and can I see the pictures?" "I'll call back with the time and the place for the money to be delivered," she said and then hung up. "Sorry that I had to do that to you," Carol said to John. "I figured that that is what is going on." John looked shaken. "It looks like my wife and Ted Ransom. James walked to the front door and unlocked the dead bolt. As he opened the door, he saw a dark shadow standing on the porch. "Come in and be very quiet," James whispered."Hey, I'm Devin." the shadow greeted."James," Stepping back, James shook the hand held out to him and then let Devin step through the door.James looked the man over. He seemed to be exactly what his profile showed. He stood a little taller than James, at about 6'2", lean with an athletic build. He was a light-skinned black. Immediately afterward, I bowed slightly for Kaleigh and swung my arm into the entrance of my apartment. I did that for two reasons. The first was to show off a touch of chivalry to M’lady. The second became surprisingly apparent to Kaleigh as she stepped in front of me. From my bent over position, I easily scooped her sculptured body into my arms. Being down low like that, she had no clue and no chance to resist my quick capture. All she had time for was to shout out her surprise as I carried. “You know I said that I had an idea about you fantasising about me. I think it is because I am the only real woman in your life. What I mean is that I am the only one that you see like this! She stood up displaying all her charms”“I think if you had the opportunity to have some fun with another girl, a younger girl closer to your age then you might find that you will stop thinking of me in that way”“Look, I have this gorgeous girl coming round and she is all yours till eleven o’clock”“You got.

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