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So the next day at school I paid extra attention to Mrs. Miller, I even flirted a little more than normal. I wanted to see if there was any thing that...would tell me she wanted my cock. After school I told her by and that I would be next door and maybe I would stop by and see her. "You should stop by when you are done, we can have some tea." She told me with a slight giggle. "I will put you on the route." I replied. She smiled, giggled and even blushed a little. So then I made sure to play up. It felt good, and she was rewarded with an exhalation of pleasure from the dwarf. Grerr reached forward and began to softly stroke her hair. She wrapped more of her lips on him with each kiss."Very good!" He encouraged softly. "Don't go no faster. Here let me have your other hand."Freyja blindly lifted her hand and was directed by Grerr to cup his soft heavy balls with it."Gently roll them around in your hand, and tug on them a little if ye feel them tighten up. Ye can squeeze them too. Just be. "I had seen John off to work and sat in the kitchen nervously waiting, watching as the clock ticked round to 11:00. Even though I expected it the doorbell made me jump and I ran to the door my heart racing. Stepping inside Julie said nothing as she looked me slowly up and down, then in a voice that sounded like chocolate poured over steel she purred, "Last chance to back out, are you ready to become a true slut?" I just nodded as she went on, "mine totally for the next 48 hours?" I nodded. But we had plenty of hanky-panky in the previous days, so skipping one night was no big drama. Actually, we both chuckled at the funny situation.In the morning, the weather improved and we were given breakfast before the helicopter would take us back to the main island. The Japanese couple was again at our table. This time, the man spoke, in a serious voice, “We’d like to buy some chastity meshes like yours. We need about thirty for the class of girls. In the previous school term, after they.

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